Nanotechnology Consumer Products

Nano has already found its way into lots of products you use every day, from clothing to tennis racquets. In fact, if you strolled around your home you’d probably find dozens of products manufactured using some kind of nanotechnology.

You can browse through the consumer products that use nanotechnology listed below, or go to specific areas in the Quick Links to the left.

A nanoporous material called aerogel that is an excellent insulator, for example insulating the walls of your house would only need about one third the thickness if you used this material instead of conventional insulation.

Knapsacks and briefcases that include flexible, nanoparticle based solar cells to charge your cell phone and other devices on the go.

Skin care products that use nanoparticles to deliver vitamins deeper into the skin.

Sunscreens that use nanoparticles to block UV rays without leaving white residue on the skin.

Flame retardant formed by coating the foam used in furniture with carbon nanofibers.

Fishing rods that use silica nanoparticles to fill spaces between carbon fibers, strengthening the rod without increasing the weight. For more information on how nanotechnology in being used to improve the performance of sporting goods go to our Nanotechnology in Sporting Goods page.

Piezoelectric fibers that could allow clothing to generate electricity through normal motions.

Form fitting clothing made using fabric composed of proteins, this material may stretch as much as 1500 percent from it's original size. For more information on how nanotechnology is being used to improve fabrics go to our Nanotechnology in Fabrics page.

Customizing the properties of particles a few nanometers in diameter to make a better soap. For more information on how nanotechnology is being used to improve cleaning products go to our Nanotechnology in Cleaning Products page.

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