Nanotechnology in Fabrics

How can nanotechnology improve fabrics?

Making composite fabric with nano-sized particles or fibers allows improvement of fabric properties without a significant increase in weight, thickness, or stiffness as might have been the case with previously-used  techniques. For example incorporating nano-whiskers into fabric used to make pants produces a lightweight water and stain repellent material.

Fabrics: Nanotechnology Applications under Development

Researchers at North Carolina State Unversity are using carbon nanotubes to develop fabrics with both cooling and heating capability.

Researchers at NTU Singapore are using nanowires to develop flexible capacitors for use in fabric.

Battery created by coating a fabric with nanoparticles

Piezoelectric fibers that could allow clothing to generate electricity through normal motions.

Form fitting clothing made using fabric composed of proteins, this material may stretch as much as 1500 percent from it's original size.

Fabrics: Nanotechnology Company Directory

Company Product Advantage
Nano-tex Fabric enhanced with nanowhiskers Water and stain resistant
SmartSilver Fabric enhanced with  silver nanoparticles Reduces odors
Schoeller Technologies Fabric enhanced with nanoparticles (NanoSphere®) Water and stain resistant


Textiles Nanotechnology Laboratory at Cornel University


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