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Understanding Nanotechnology is a Web site dedicated to making nanotechnology concepts and applications understandable by anyone.

On this site there are excerpts from Nanotechnology For Dummies (Earl Boysen and Nancy Muir Boysen by Wiley Publishing); explanations of nanotechnology concepts; links to articles and resources such as manufacturers’ Web sites; and nanotechnology stories in the news. Click on any of the items to the left to explore a topic of your choice.

Who's Who

The Understanding Nanotechnology Website is owned and published by Hawk's Perch Technical Writing, LLC.

Earl Boysen, when co-authoring Nanotechnology For Dummies, observed the lack of websites with easy to understand explanations of the wide range of nanotechnology applications. He started Understandingnano.com to fill that need. Understandingnano.com is dedicated to providing clear and concise explanations of nanotechnology applications. The site is a partnership between Earl and his wife, Nancy. Earl, who runs the site, brings an understanding of the technical issues, based upon a Masters in Engineering Physics and 20 years engineering experience in the integrated circuit manufacturing industry. Nancy is the author of over 90 books on technology topics, and uses her writing skills to help make the articles on the site easily understandable.

Given the site’s goal of educating people, it has been especially gratifying to see traffic coming to the site from educational institutions that direct their students to use its content to research course assignments.

Understandingnano.com is not affiliated with any corporation, institution, or government body and therefore our information and articles don’t contain any organizational bias. We do cooperate with other nanotechnology related websites and conferences to help inform visitors of available nano related resources.

Earl also maintains another website, www.buildinggadgets.com, dedicated to electronics projects.

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