Nanomaterial Analysis and Characterization Services

This directory contains information on companies offering analysis/characterization of nanomaterials.

 Analysis Companies Products
Allegiance NanoSolutions Material analysis, stability monitoring, product testing, and raw material characterization
Covalent Metrology Material analysis using atomic force microscopy and optical profilometry
FullScaleNANO Material structure, composition, and magnetic, physical and thermodynamic properties
Intertek Material structural, chemical, surface analysis and analysis of regulatory requirements
MVA Scientific Consultants Nanomaterial characterization
nanoAnalytics Nanomaterial surface and composition analysis
NanoDiagnostic Nanotoxicological studies and life science validation services
Nanolab Technologies Nanomaterial characterization and device failure analysis services
Nanomechanics Nanomechanical characterization
NanoScope Focused Ion Beam and TEM microscopy services
Nanotech Analytics Nanomaterial structure, composition and physical properties
Nanovea Nanomaterial surface and physical analysis
NanoSafe Nanomaterials characterization and synthesis, regulatory testing
NanoSonic Nanocomposite characterization and analysis
Particle Technology Labs Particle characterization
nanoTox Toxicology Testing and safety assesment
NanoImaging Services Transmission electron microscope services
EP Laboratories Nanomechanical testing
NEI Nanomaterials characterization and analysis


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