Sporting Goods with Nanotechnology

How can nanotechnology improve sporting goods?

If you're a tennis or golf fan, you'll be glad to hear that even sporting goods has wandered into the nano realm. Current nanotechnology applications in the sports arena include:

  • Increasing the strength of tennis racquets by adding nanotubes to the frames which increases control and power when you hit the ball.

  • Filling any imperfections in club shaft materials with nanoparticles; this improves the uniformity of the material that makes up the shaft and thereby improving your swing.

  • Reducing the rate at which air leaks from tennis balls so they keep their bounce longer.

See the Current Nanotechnology Applications section below for more information.

Sporting Goods: Current Nanotechnology Applications

Using nano-sized material to fill any voids in golf shafts.

Coating kayaks with an epoxy containing carbon nanotubes reduces the chance of damaging the skin of the kayak.

Using a nanocomposite film to keep the air in tennis balls longer.

Strengthening fishing rods without increasing their weight by adding silica nanoparticles to fill spaces between carbon fibers.

Improving the gliding performance of skis with a wax containing a nanocomposite.

Sporting Goods: Nanotechnology Company Directory

Company Product Advantage
InMat Nanocomposite barrier film Prevents air loss from tennis balls, etc
Wilson Tennis racquet frames containing silicon dioxide nanoparticles Increases strength, stability and power
Re-Turn AS Epoxy containing carbon nanotubes coating the skin of kayaks Increases abrasion resistance
Yonex  Resin containing buckyballs (fullerenes) used to make badminton raquets Increases power and stability
Maruman Golf club shafts made from a composite containing buckyballs (fullerenes)  
Eston Cycling Bicycle parts made with carbon nanotubes Increases stiffness without weight increase
Holmenkol Ski wax made with nanocomposites Increases gliding performance and maximum speed
St Croix Rods Fishing rods made with a epoxy resin (called NSi) made with silica nanoparticles Increased strength without weight increase


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