Cleaning Products and Nanotechnology

How can nanotechnology make cleaning products better?

Nanotechnology companies are finding ways to make the world a cleaner place by exploring three methods for improving cleaning products. These methods are:

  • Producing films that can be applied to surfaces such as countertops or windows that make it much easier to keep those surfaces clean.

  • Using nanoparticles in soap that make it work better while producing less environmentally harmful byproducts.

  • Using materials in the cleaning process that are antibacterial, such as silver nanoparticles. Note that there is interest in regulating the use of silver nanoparticles because of concern that they may harm useful bacteria in groundwater, such as lakes, when released (see Nanotechnology news story below).

Cleaning Products: Nanotechnology Applications

Cleaning Products: Nanotechnology Company Directory

Company Product Advantage
Altimate EnviorCare  Spray on film containing titanium oxide nanoparticles Kills bacteria and reduces odors
EnviroSan Products Liquid cleaner using nanoparticles called micelles to remove oils and dirt Replace solvents with lower level of VOC's and other pollutants
Nanofilm Liquid in which polymer molecules will align with each other, when applied to a surface such as a windshield, to bond with the glass and form a very thin, strong polymer film Repels water and dirt to increase visibility with longer lifetime then conventional films
Nanotec Spray on liquid containing nanoparticles which form a hydrophobic film. Repels water and dirt
Samsung Silver nanoparticles used in household appliances such as clothes washer or refrigerator Kills bacteria and reduces odors
Sky Spring Nanomaterials Solvent used to prevent the deposit of asphalt like material in pipelines used for the transport or processing of oil. Reduces fouling of pipelines

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