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This directory contains information on companies producing buckyballs or applying buckyballs to products.

Company Products
ApNano Lubricants made with inorganic buckyballs
BuckyUSA Buckyballs and carbon nanotubes
Envie de Neuf Moisturizing cream containing buckyballs that are used as an anti-oxidant
IoLiTec Buckyballs, carbon nanotubes and metal, oxide, nitride, and carbide nanoparticles
JenLaur Metallofullerenes and Metallofullerene Composites
Luna Inovations Bucky balls to block inflammation by trapping free radicals
MER Corporation Buckyballs and carbon nanotubes
MTR Buckyballs
Nano-C Buckyballs and carbon nanotubes
SES Research Buckyballs and carbon nanotubes
TermUSA Buckyballs


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