Nanotube Companies

This directory contains information on companies producing carbon nanotubes or applying carbon nanotubes to products.

Nanotube Company Products
Bayer Material Science Carbon nanotubes
Carbon Nanotubes Plus Carbon nanotubes
Catalytic Materials Carbon nanotubes and graphite nanofibers
CVD Materials Carbon nanotubes and graphene
Emfutur Technologies Carbon nanotubes
Glonatech Carbon nanotubes
Hyperion Nanotube based plastic mold compounds
MilliporeSigma Carbon nanotubes
NanoAmor Carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofibers, nanowires and nanoparticles
Nanocomp Technologies  Carbon nanotube sheets, tapes and yarns
Nanocyl Nanotube based epoxy resins
Nanocs Functionalizied nanotubes
NanoIntegris Nanotubes and semiconducting inks
Nano Lab Functionalizied nanotubes and nanotube arrays
Nanomix Carbon nanotube based sensors for detecting chemical vapors.
NaturalNano Nanotubes composed of halloysite
Nanoshel Carbon nanotubes, metal and oxide nanoparticles
OCSiAl Single Walled Carbon nanotubes
Rosseter Holdings Carbon nanotubes
SkySpring Nanomaterials Carbon nanotubes and nanopowders
SouthWest NanoTechnologies Carbon nanotubes
Unidym Nanotube based transparent conductive film for use in applications such as LCD displays and e-paper
Xintek Nanotube based cathodes, AFM probes and x-ray tubes
Zyvex Preformance Materials Epoxy resins strengthened with carbon nanotubes
ZinRay Systems Nanotube based X-ray systems
Redex Carbon nanotubes

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