Press Release, April 8, 2020; Macoma Environmental Technologies

Simple but very effective Solution to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

Some California Institutions Take Important Steps to Mitigate the Spread of the Coronavirus and All Other Airborne Pathogens.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence, based on thousands of scientific research documents published by many reputable health organizations including the National Institute of Health (NIH). It proves that any type of virus and any type of bacteria including spores of all type of fungi could be destroyed by the simple, economic and non-toxic reaction called photocatalysis. This powerful environmental disinfection is achieved when a thin film of titanium dioxide nanocrystals are spread over a large surface, such as ceilings, and walls, and the surface is illuminated by UVA light.

Thus, this simple, but very effective solution to ameliorate the spread of the dreaded corona virus has come to the attention of several forward-looking leaders in California.

Consequently, to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, and all other viruses and bacteria that can float in the environment, several prominent California Institutions have decided to install FN® Nano photocatalytic disinfection systems: The Compton City Hall, the Los Angeles Unified School District, Oscar de la Hoya Gyms, Martin Luther King, J. Hospital, and Fresno Hospital. The photocatalytic technology is being installed by JT Construction, Glendale, California.

Inactivating viruses by photocatalysis is safe, cost-effective, fast, and permanent. One installation will last several years.

About Macoma Environmental Technologies

MACOMA Environmental Technologies is a US-based specialty coatings manufacturer partner/distributor of high quality environmentally safe, titanium dioxide photocatalytic nanotechnology coatings for ceilings, walls and building facades. They are part of a worldwide network (FN® Nano) of scientists and researchers who are committed to the building of green cities, homes and farms by promoting and providing education about the benefits of the photocatalytic process to improve indoor and outdoor air quality.

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