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This directory contains information on companies using nanotechnology to improve fuel.

Company Product Advantages
Headwaters Nanocatalysts used in the conversion of coal to liquid fuels and in the upgrading of low grade crude, such as crude from shale oil Additional raw material, coal, for producing gasoline, diesel and other liquid fuels 
Refinery Science Nanocatalyst used in upgrading low grade crude Making low grade crude oil, such as from oil sands, usable for producing gasoline or diesel
Oxonica Nanoparticle cerium oxide catalyst for diesel fuel Increased mileage and reduced air pollution
H2OIL Nanoclusters which helps gasoline and diesel fuels burn more completely by breaking the fuel into smaller droplets Increased mileage and reduced air pollution
Catlin Nanosphere based catalyst that reduces cost of producing biodiesel Producing diesel from vegetable oil
Agrivida Bioengineered plants that produce enzymes to simplify the conversion of cellulous to ethanol Ethanol production using corn stalks


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