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This directory contains information on companies using nanotechnology to improve batteries.

Company Product Advantages
A123Systems Lithium-ion battery with the cathode made from nano-phosphate, literature is unclear as to whether this is nanoparticles of phosphate on a substrate or a nano-porous phosphate structure Higher power, quicker recharge, less combustible than standard lithium-ion batteries
Mphase Technologies Battery with chemicals isolated from electrode by "nanograss" when the battery is not in use  Very long shelf life
Altairnano Lithium-ion battery with the anode composed of lithium titanate spindel nanoparticles Higher power, quicker recharge, less combustible than standard lithium-ion batteries
Naoexa Lithium-ion battery using nanocomposite electrodes using technology developed at Argonne National Laboratory Higher power, less combustible than standard lithium-ion batteries
EcoloCap Solutions Lead acid batteries using nanotube coated electrodes Increased energy density at a lower cost than Li-ion batteries
Zpower Silver-zinc battery using nanoparticles in the silver cathode Higher power density, low combustibility
Nexeon Structured silicon anodes for use in lithium-ion batteries Higher power density, low combustibility
NanoAmor Nanotube based additive for use in lithium-ion electrodes  
NEI Nanomaterials for lithium-ion battery electrodes  
CalBattery Anodes that use silicon nanoparticles embedded in graphene, for use in lithium ion batteries  
Contour Energy Lithium ion battery manufacturer that has acquired the techniques MIT has developed for carbon nanotube based electrodes  
Graphene Energy Graphene based ultracapacitors  
InStep NanoPower Nanostructured devices that generate electricity during walking  
EnerG2 Nanostructured carbon for use in ultracapacitors and batteries  
Vorbeck Graphene composite anodes for Li-ion batteries  
Bluestone Global Tech Graphene based anodes and cathodes for Li-ion batteries  


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