Farming out analysis of your nanomaterial

For many companies developing new nanotech products it may not be feasible to have an in-house lab to fully analyze the properties and structure of their products.  Fortunately several companies have made it their business to analyze nanomaterials for others, and have labs with the necessary equipment and staff to run the analytical equipment and interpret the results.

Each lab typically  has it’s own focus area(s), including analysis of one or more of the following:

·         Nanomaterial structure and composition

·         The magnetic properties of nanomaterials

·         The thermodynamic  properties of nanomaterials

·         The mechanical properties (such as hardness and strength) of nanomaterials

·         Nano-sized surface features

·         The toxicity of nanomaterials

·         Nanoparticle size and dispersion analysis

Given the cost of the equipment required for these types of analysis, combined with the need for personnel with the necessary expertise, these services can be a more economical way of testing than setting up an in-house lab for many companies.

For more information on companies that provide analysis of nanomaterials go to the UnderstandingNano's Nanomaterial Analysis Services webpage.

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