Press Release, October 19, 2018; BASF

Innovative high-performance insulation presented at the UK's leading construction trade fair

BASF is presenting its new high-performance insulating materials for the first time at London Build, the leading English trade fair for construction, architecture and infrastructure, from October 23-24, 2018 at London Olympia. The innovative highperformance products SLENTITE® and SLENTEX® represent a new generation of super slim insulating materials with extremely efficient insulating performance.

SLENTEX®: flexible and efficient insulation

SLENTEX® is an easy to process and non-combustible material based on pure mineral raw materials. As a single-layer, flexible mat, it is now available for a wide range of applications in the construction and renovation sector. The innovative highperformance insulation, an inorganic aerogel, was developed jointly with the US company Aspen Aerogels Inc. "We are pleased to be able to present the new highperformance insulating material to an international audience and are convinced that we are making a positive contribution to modern, energy-efficient construction," says project manager Dr. Wibke Lölsberg, responsible for the global market launch of the new high-performance product at BASF.

SLENTEX® is a highly efficient and extremely slim insulating mat. With a value of λD 19 mW/m - K, the material achieves a significantly lower thermal conductivity than conventional mineral insulation materials and enables the construction of very thin wall structures. A particular advantage: the material is non-combustible and classified in fire protection class A2-s1, d0. SLENTEX® is open to water vapour diffusion (µ ~ 5), but at the same time hydrophobic, which significantly minimises the risk of mould formation. "The flexible insulation material adapts very well to different building structures and at the same time meets high energy requirements," says Lölsberg. With its property profile, SLENTEX® offers architects and planners solutions for sophisticated interior and exterior construction.

SLENTITE® - the slim panel for every climate

SLENTITE® is the first pure aerogel to be produced as a rigid polyurethane panel. The stable aerogel insulation board, which consists of around 90% air and is permeable to diffusion, allows up to 50% slimmer insulation compared with conventional materials - for maximum efficiency and high aesthetics at the same time. As a future-oriented high-performance insulating material, its open-porous structure ensures a pleasant room climate and contributes to the reduction of energy costs. In addition to its outstanding insulating performance, it is very easy to process. The clean, dust-free panels can simply be cut on site and placed directly on the wall or coated in advance. "Through this unique combination of product properties, SLENTITE® enables space-saving insulation both for new buildings and for energyefficient renovation," explains Dr. Marc Fricke, Project Manager SLENTITE® at BASF. SLENTITE® shows what the future of thermal insulation could look like: The polyurethane aerogel achieves a lambda value of 18 mW/m • K and thus offers the best insulation performance for a robust board, guaranteeing extraordinarily efficient and space-saving insulation. Thanks to its minimal space requirement, it offers a very wide range of design options, whether new construction or renovation, and all this with the best insulation performance. "In many years of intensive research, we have succeeded in developing a product that brings real added value to the market and makes a decisive difference in future projects". SLENTITE® also scores with its high compressive strength of > 300 kPa and very good moisture control.

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