Understanding Nanotechnology

UnderstandingNano offers information about nanoparticles, nanomaterials, and applications of nanotechnology in several fields. In addition, you’ll find resources for finding nanotechnology degree programs, research labs, and companies. Find information on nano topics by using the navigation bar above or by clicking any of the links below.

What is Nanotechnology?

If you’re new to nanotechnology, this group of webpages provides an excellent introduction to the topic with definitions of various nanotechnology terms and applications. In addition you’ll find a discussion of the important topic of the ethics of nanotechnology.

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Get to Know All About Nanoparticles

The nanoparticle webpages have been updated to give you an introduction to particles made from materials ranging from gold to lipids and titanium dioxide. The properties and applications of these various types of particles are also provided, as well as a discussion of methods of nanoparticle synthesis.

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Exploring the World of Nanomaterials

Nanomaterials can take several forms from single atom thick sheets to nano composites. This section provides information on a variety of nanomaterials, from fullerenes to carbon nanotubes and quantum dots, including information about their composition and uses.

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Getting to Work: Nanotechnology Applications

So how exactly is nanotechnology being used in the world? This group of webpages discusses the applications of nanotechnology ranging from improving air quality to manufacturing and  spaceflight.

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Improving Your Health with Nanomedicine

Improving Your Health with Nanomedicine This topic includes discussions of the use of nanotechnology in medical areas such as drug delivery, diagnostic techniques, and chemotherapy. You’ll even find ways that nanotechnology is working on extending your life.

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 Resources to Learn and Find Careers in Nanotechnology

The focus of this section is on resources you can make use of to get your degree in nanotechnology, find companies that offer nano-oriented jobs, and even work with lesson plans to teach others about this fascinating topic.

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