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International Stem Cell Corporation Announces the Commercial Launch of its innovative line of topical skin care products

International Stem Cell Corporation(ISCO.OB),, announced today the commercial launch of its innovative line of topical skin care products by the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Lifeline Skin Care ™ ( Containing extracts from human “parthenogenetic” stem cells (hpSC), the products were formulated by a team of ISCO’s research scientists in collaboration with cosmetic formulation experts to create an advanced scientific approach to skincare. The patent pending serums, which come in separate formulations for day and night time use, have been safety tested by highly regarded, independent laboratories, and have been shown to promote anti-aging of the skin.

The initial launch of the serums is to a pre-existing list of interested parties. We expect that the products will be available to the general public via our online store in the near future. A key innovation in creating the Lifeline Skin Care™ serums was the encapsulation of the parthenogenetic stem cell extracts into nanospheres, which not only protect the proteins, but substantially enhance the effectiveness of the serums.

World renowned skin cream formulation experts assisted ISCO’s scientists to create the finished products and ensure that the final serums deliver the most up-to-date advances in skin rejuvenation technology that also helps to prevent and repair damage caused by the environment. According to Gregory S. Keller, MD, FACS (2007 Specialist of the Year in Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Strathmore’s “Who’s Who”): “These new day and night serums represent a huge step forward in anti-aging skin care products. Combining liposome-encapsulated proteins derived from ISCO’s powerful new class human stem cells with a unique blend of anti-oxidants, vitamins and natural extracts, allowed Lifeline Skin Care to create highly effective stem cell based serums that provide strong anti-aging benefits.”

The new skin rejuvenation serums are based on the breakthrough discovery that certain  from ISCO’s proprietary pluripotent human parthenogenetic stem cells are beneficial to the culture of human skin cells in the laboratory. ISCO, the world leader in human parthenogenetic stem cell technology, is studying this new class of stem cells, and has demonstrated their therapeutic potential in many fields of regenerative medicine. Human parthenogenetic stem cells are created from unfertilized human eggs and do not involve any harm to a viable human embryo, thus avoiding serious ethical questions that surround other areas of stem cell research. hpSC possess unique immune-matching attributes making them an excellent platform for the development of cellular therapies for large populations of individuals. As of today, ISCO has successfully derived ten hpSC lines. One of these lines carries the most common immune type found within the US population and can be immune-matched to an estimated 75 million people worldwide.“

The commercial launch of the new skin care products represents an important step in the execution of ISCO’s strategy. The revenue generated from sales will help support the development of our therapeutic programs utilizing our unique and powerful class of human pluripotent stem cells” said Dr. Ruslan Semechkin, CEO of Lifeline Skin Care.

Source: Lifeline Skin Care Press Release; November 16, 2010


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