Nanomedicine at Nanobiotix

Company: Nanobiotix Website: www.nanobiotix.com/
Contact: Dr. Laurent Levy, CEO Phone: 33 (0) 1 40 26 04 70
E-mail: Address: 60 Rue de Wattignies 75012 Paris
Category: Nanomedicine Public Company: N/A

Company Overview

Nanobiotix is focused on the development of nanoparticle based methods of treating cancer to replace current radiotherapy methods while minimizing  damage to healthy tissue.


Nanomedicine Related Products

Nanobiotix has completed precinical testing of NanoXray™. NanoXray™ is a method of treating cancer tumors in which x-rays are focused on a tumor in which nanoparticles, that Nanobiotix has named nbtxr3, have been concentrated. The nbtxr3 nanoparticles release electrons when illuminated by the x-rays, which generates free radicals and causes the destruction of the tumor.

Nanobiotix is developing two other nanoparticle based therapies:

  •  nanoMag : Magnetic particles for treatment and diagnostic of cancer
  • nanoPDT : Laser activated nanoparticles for cancer treatment

Research Affiliations


Product Development Affiliations

Nanobiotix  is collaborating with a group of industry partners, university medical centers, and academic institutions in a project called "SonoDrugs". The consortium will develop nanoparticulate based drug delivery using focused ultrasound to control the location of the drug release .

Nanobiotix and BiotechCorp are collaborating on developing point-of-care (P-O-C) diagnostics and drug delivery systems for tropical diseases, such as malaria.

Subsidiaries or Parent Company


Primary Investors or Funding Source

Private company primarily funded by venture capital firms including Matignon Technologies, OTC Asset Management, Cap Decisif, Amorcage Rhone-Alpes

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