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Company Overview

Nanospectra Biosciences was founded to commercialize techniques developed at Rice University for the destruction of solid cancer tumors while minimizing damage to healthy tissue.

Nanomedicine Related Products

AuroLase™ cancer therapy. This therapy consists of nanoshells that concentrate at cancer turmor and when illuminated with a near-infrared laser the nanoshells turn the light into heat to destroy the cancer tumor.

Research Affiliations

The AuroLase™ cancer therapy was developed from nanoshell technology licensed from Rice University.

Product Development Affiliations

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio; The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas; and Baylor College of Medicine are participating in a human trial of Nanospectra's AuroLase™ cancer therapy.

Subsidiaries or Parent Company


Primary Investors or Funding Source

Private company, in it's latest round of funding (January, 2009) Nanospectra closed on $1.5 million in series A preferred stock with it's existing investors.

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