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Nanomedicine Companies and Products

This directory contains information on companies applying nanotechnology to medicine (nanomedicine).

Nanomedicine Company Product
Blend Therapeutics Nanoparticle based drug delivery
Cristal Therapeutics Polymeric micelle nanoparticles to deliver drugs to tumors
CytImmune Gold nanoparticles for targeted delivery of drugs to tumors
DNA Medicine Institute Diagnostic testing system
Invitrogen Qdots for medical imaging
Luna Inovations Bucky balls to block inflammation by trapping free radicals
Makefield Therapeutics Nanoparticle cream for delivery of nitric oxide gas to treat infection
MagArray Diagnostic testing system
NanoBio Nanoemulsions for nasal delivery to fight viruses (such as the flu and colds) or through the skin to fight bacteria
NanoBioMagnetics Magnetically responsive nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery and other applications
Nanobiotix Nanoparticles that target tumor cells, when irradiated by xrays the nanoparticles generate electrons which cause localized destruction of the tumor cells.
Nanoprobes Gold nanoparticles for radiation therapy enhancement

Nanomedicine Company Product
Nanospectra  AuroShell particles (nanoshells) for thermal destruction of cancer tissue
Nanosphere Diagnostic testing using gold nanoparticles to detect low levels of proteins indicating particular diseases
Nanotherapeutics Nanoparticles for improving the performance of drug delivery by oral or nasal methods 
Oxonica Diagnostic testing using gold nanoparticles (biomarkers)
NanoViricides Drugs called nanoviricides™ designed to attack virus particles
NanoMedia Targeted drug delivery
Nano Science Diagnostics Diagnostic testing system

Nanomedicine Company Product
Parvus Therapeutics Nanoparticles designed to fight autoimmune diseases
Selecta Biosciences Nanoparticle based synthetic vaccines
Sirnaomics Nanoparticle enhanced techniques for delivery of siRNA
Smith and Nephew Antimicrobial wound dressings using silver nanocrystals


Targeted delivery of drugs and imaging agents
Starpharma Dendrimer nanoparticles for use in drug delivery
T2 Biosystems Diagnostic testing using magnetic nanoparticles
Taiwan Liposome Drug delivery using lipsomes
Z-Medica Medical gauze containing aluminosilicate nanoparticles which help blood clot faster in open wounds.


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